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About SSpS Congregation

" The Holy Spirit, the protagonist of mission, accomplishes God's mission through us."

we are a Religious Missionary Community of Women Disciples in an international Congregation, Our motto: "May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and in the hearts of all peoples", contains in nutshell our Spirituality and Charism. And as missionaries, we are called to embrace all people across cultures and faith traditions. Arnold Janssen. In 1889, together with Helena Stollenwerk and Hendrina Stenmanns, founded the "Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit. (SSpS)". The first Sisters of our Congregation to come to India arrived in 1933. Responding to the needs of people in different areas (states) of India, the Sisters engaged in varied apostolates (education, health care, social / pastoral, leprosarium, orphanages, boarding houses and hostels, vocational centers, and insertion communities).


Educate and Empower We commit ourselves to provide a nurturing ground for integral development of future citizens who are persons of conscience, character, compassion, commitment and competence leading to communion with all.


Spirit-led community for a world of equity, harmony and integral development


Learn :-

The primary goal of any educational institution is learning. Besides academic excellence, equal importance is given to ‘learning for life’ with an emphasis on life skills. A life-giving ambience, nurturing ground is provided for an integral development of future citizens.

Live :-

One lives by what one learns. The thrust of the institution is to create an atmosphere, to provide opportunities, to accompany students and empower them to live by human values especially those enshrined in the Vision, Mission and Goals of the institution.

Lead :-

The Holy Spirit Educational institutions aim high and the deepest hope is to prepare future citizens, future global leaders, who are persons of conscience, character, compassion, commitment and competence leading to communion with all.

To deepen the sense of the Divine in self and in others; to discover and develop the spiritual gifts within oneself and others

To achieve academic excellence through hard work, practical applications and clear logical thinking; educating and empowering the students for social co-responsibility

To give prime importance to the person-oriented approach to education by providing ample opportunities to develop all God-given gifts, leadership qualities and provide the facilities for guidance and counseling

To awaken in everyone the qualities of gentleness, reconciliation and non-violent way of communication

To accentuate learning of life-skills and develop self-mastery, to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations; to value life in all its forms

To gender sensitize the students in such a way that each respects the members of the complementary sex and accepts them as equals.

To create an ambience of respect and freedom, to foster a healthy team spirit and cooperation among the stakeholders;

To create awareness to take up the cause of protecting the environment at all levels: to move from consumerism to conscious use of resources, from exploitation to eco-responsibility

To intensify our efforts in the following areas: to appreciate plurality, express openness and value the richness in the diversities of life; to strive for a harmonious living among people of diverse cultures, religions, castes and economic status, leading to religious tolerance and communal harmony

To foster civic and social sensitivity, to inculcate truthfulness and transparency for a corruption-free society